The War of Women

The War of Women


full-length, play with music

13 w, 2 m, 1 n


This play-with-music imagines a brutal battle between the Sirens and the Muses from Greek mythology. All of the men have gone off to war, and the sudden reappearance of Alexander, the last man alive, brings a tragic accident. The young and nubile Muses vow to nurse him back to life, but the blind and withered Sirens sing their ancient songs and hunt down the Muses, systematically killing them one by one. The only character untouched by death is Festilia, the Muse of Comedy, who is left tied up and forgotten. The play ends with her cry to no one, “This isn’t funny anymore!”


adaptation, adventure, dark comedy, experimental, fable, fantasy, tragedy

Greek myth, sirens, muses, car accident, vulture, toad


July, 2010 - Roundtable reading, Lark Play Development Center (NYC)





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