full-length, pastiche operetta

5 w, 6 m


This pastiche operetta was inspired by the fictional rivalry between Mozart and Salieri.


The Mozart character, Alberto, has been called to the Court of Great Italics to work on a new Spring Ball Symphony with Caesar, the Court Musician.  His wife, Constantly, is desperately sad that he hasn’t spoken a word to her in 20 years of marriage, and she’s beginning to suspect he just doesn’t love her anymore.  As Caesar’s jealousy towards Alberto grows, he plots a terribly evil plan to get rid of his genius rival.  Meanwhile, the 11- year old servants fall in love and try to run away, the Prince and Princess have marital troubles, an international singing duo gets lost in the palace, Cleopatrice tries to find a lover, and the valet just wants a little peace and quiet.  And there’s still the question of why Alberto won’t speak to anyone . . .


Arias from Mozart’s and Salieri’s operas weave in and out as colorfully crazy characters fight for a part of Alberto's genius.


opera, pastiche, parody, farce, melodrama

Einstein, Caesar, Mozart, Salieri, musicians, court, composition, servants, rivalry, deafness



May 2007

New York City





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